Stained Glass Window

This window is in St Peter’s Church, Meavy. Caroline & I spend a chunk of our leisure time ransacking Devon churches for their organ keys to see what their instruments sound like – the sort of thing I used to do with my mum and dad fifty years ago, often in the same churches, with the organ key still in the same place. Very often, whether or not we can find the key, there’s a bonus. We discovered the wood-carvings of Violet Pinwill, for instance, in her father’s church at Ermington, and then again in Lew Trenchard, as Violet was head-hunted by the remarkable polymath, the Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould, folk-song collector, novelist, and author of ‘Onward! Christian soldiers’.

Christmas Day 2014 was my parents’ seventy-second wedding anniversary. My son Barney wrote about that in The Independent recently:

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