Hot off the press! Sir Simon Rattle’s first season with the LSO includes a lot of English music. Many of the composers have made their own explanatory videos, but Sir Edward Elgar was not in a position to do so. So the LSO asked me.
Enigma Part One
Enigma Part Two

My two podcasts on Haydn for Wigmore Hall’s string quartet series will soon appear on their website.

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The fifth series of Chord of the Week formed part of Proms Extra on BBC2 on Saturday nights throughout the Prom season. Here’s the first one – Elgar’s Second Symphony, at about 24’30.
Here’s Walton’s Popular Song at about 19′.
And here’s Beethoven 9, about 10′ in.
‘Oh what a beautiful yawning.’
Rachmaninoff’s Second Symphony at 27’30.
Bach’s St. John Passion at 24’36.
And finally, Stravinsky’s Violin Concerto at 22’52.

And here are my Proms Extra interval talks on Orchestration (at 53’20), Unfinished Works (at 26′), the Dresden Amen (at 55′), and the Sounds of Nature at 52′.

These BBC links will change or expire eventually, so here’s something permanent! You might like to see me setting out the dilemmas of Historically Informed Performance (HIP) back in 1990 with David Wilson-Johnson. Eerily still relevant. Enjoy it!

The Jupiter Project gets under way with Mozart premieres at Palace House, Beaulieu at 6.30 on Wednesday October 4th. Tickets: £20 to include drinks and canapés. As space is limited, early application is recommended.
Apply for tickets by email to: Jane.Box@beaulieu.co.uk. Concert Bank details: Sort Code 40-52-40 Account No.: 00024514
Later in the autumn we’re recording the repertoire at Cooper Hall for Hyperion, using Christopher Barlow’s marvellous modern re-make of my 1828 Broadwood.

My Nancy Storace Bicentenary Concert at Chawton last month (part of the international conference at Chawton House Library to mark the bicentenary of the deaths of Jane Austen and Germaine de Staël) included the British premiere of the newly discovered piece celebrating Storace’s recovery from illness written jointly by Salieri, Mozart & Cornetti. Here’s the Mozart section, sung by RNCM student Alexandra Lowe. I’m playing an 1806 Webler Square Pianoforte (Caroline’s playing it in the picture below).


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If you’re a promoter looking for something different, please get in touch.

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