Advice to Students

Two articles from the magazine Music Masterpieces, edited by Percy Pitt, director of music at the BBC in the 1920s. Harry Graham wrote lyrics for musical comedies. Landon Ronald had some of his first jobs with him, and Victor Hely-Hutchinson set some of his lyrics to music. And an article on sight-singing.



Sight Reading
Reading a score

Philip Brunelle is reminiscing daily about all the composers he’s brought to the Twin Cities. Worth dipping into – from Argento to Brubeck, Copland to PDQ Bach, Libby Larsen to Conrad Susa. He’s spoken about Poulenc, but not yet, I think, about Britten and Pears, who performed in his series. Note the quote from Browning in the beautiful hall!

Radio 3 Record Review’s Building a Library slot is a good way to get to know more about music.

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