Notes from the Piano Stool

This is the title of my monthly column in the BBC Music Magazine.

Topics covered so far:
Carnegie Halls; Concerts in Churches; Folksongs; Dresden; Peter Grimes; Assessment Methods; Bells; Beethoven; Secrets de Polichinelle; West Gallery Music; Dragoons and the Theatre; Bach; Musical Initials; Nominal Rhythms; Part-Songs; Patrick Gowers; Organ Builders; The Sounds of Stonehenge; Christmas Cards; Score-Reading; Limericks; Manuscripts; Musical Litter; You can give them away; Youth Orchestras; Music & Politics; Morse Code; Completeness; The WI; Political Pianists; Parallel Fifths; Rose Road Charity; Premieres; Piano Moving; Perfect Pianists; The noise it makes; Laurence Sterne; Composing at the Piano; Counterpoint; In the attic; Tuning Forks; Sumer is icumen in; Unexpected Links; Fingering; Mozart & Salieri; Writing; Bergen; Notation Problems; Mirror/Tree; Silence; Pianolas; Sullivan; Hiding Pianos; Same words, different tune; Montreal; Craxton Studios

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