A selection of reviews

Euan Ferguson’s review of Chord of the Week in the Observer, September 2nd 2018:

Owen Norris surpassed even himself by likening a Rachmaninov chord to a painter’s faint lines of perspective, scrubbed afterwards: it made sense, even to me, at the time, and garnered a round of awed applause from Katie Derham and guests. Probably the most consistently intelligent three minutes you’ll watch on this or any other television this year.

Here’s some one-liners:

‘A famous thinker/philosopher of the keyboard’ Seattle Times

‘Quite possibly the most interesting pianist in the world’ Globe & Mail, Toronto

‘A phenomenon at the keyboard’ Piano and Keyboard Magazine

‘David Owen Norris dazzles’ Gramophone

‘Heavenly sounds – diabolical virtuosity. Don’t miss him.’ CD Compact (Spain)

‘To have David Owen Norris at the piano is luxury indeed’ The Strad

‘Visionary musical leadership’ Classic FM Magazine

‘Inspired direction’ Sunday Times

‘A live wire, crackling with electricity’ Boston Globe

‘A musical Houdini’ Opera Now

‘One of the most iconic personalities in English music of any period’
(Revue Musicale)

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